Ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene copolymer

This material from the good performance of low temperature to 330T, strength, wear resistance, resistance to creep up from PTEE, FEP and PFA. It is at room temperature and high temperature corrosion resistance to most chemicals and solvents. Its dielectric constant (2.6) is low, stable performance within a very wide range of temperatures and frequencies. ECTFE is not on fire, can prevent the spread of flames, as when exposed to flame, broken down into solid carbon.
ECTFE can be made for moulding and extrusion granules and used for rotational moulding, fluidized bed coating, electrostatic coating powder products. The traditional chemical foaming method for extrusion equipment processed into foam products, don't apply to the field of computer wire. Semi-finished products are film, plate, pipe and fiber. Ausimont USA company sells brands as Halar ECTFE products.
In the field of electrical wires and cables, the most important application is for the booster cables, cables for public transport. Fire alarm cables, Anodic protection cable. Injection molding products are packing, ask and pump parts, connectors, terminals and wires, filter housings. ECTFE applications of optical fiber sleeve, non-support pipe, steel pipe and reinforced plastic lining.