Perfluorinated ethylene propylene copolymer

FEP 580F crystalline melting point, the density is 2.15g/CC (g/cm³), it is a soft plastic, tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and creep resistance than many engineering plastics. It is chemically inert, in a wide range of temperatures and frequencies have low dielectric constant (2.1). The material does not ignite, you can stop the flames from spreading. It has excellent weather-resistance, low coefficient of friction, from cryogenic to 392F can be used. This material can be made of extruded and molded products, and electrostatic coating powder for fluidized bed can also be made from aqueous dispersions. Semi-finished products are membrane, plate. Rods and single fiber. United States market distribution of Teflon FEP DUIPont company, Daikin company Neoflo licensing, Hoechst Celanese Corporation of IHoustaflow brand. Its main use is for the production of pipes and chemical equipment lining, drum-skin and all kinds of wires and cables, such as hook line, booster cables, alarm cable, flat cable and well logging cable. FEP film has been seen as a thin coating for solar collectors.