Plastics industry for a new development opportunity in China

Plastic raw materials is important in the national economy and played an important role in modern society. Benefit from a global economic recovery and China's rapid economic development, China's plastics industry will continue to grow: the global economy has entered a recovery phase of stabilisation. Manufacturing PMI in major economies had been rising since the 2009 channel indicates external demand is good. And the domestic economy in the first half of 2011 into a soft landing channels and entered a new round of long-term growth path in the second half.
Current plastics are generally based on synthetic resins or natural resins as Binder, various additives, reinforcements and fillers, obtained at a certain temperature and pressure forming of solid materials or products. Due to the unique properties of plastics, plastic products has been widely used in modern society. Traditional plastics are mainly used in packaging, agriculture, construction and other aspects, and with the development of era, as well as the gradual strengthening of production, emerged in a variety of new plastic products with high added value.
Despite the regulation will not be relaxed, but affordable housing, regional and industry "Twelve-Five" planning and construction of water conservancy projects will support investment, plus plastic building material industries; consumer disposable income growth of plastics and raw materials will also upgrade appliances and auto industry positive; national industrial promotion policies will also contribute to further development of new plastic materials industry.