Poly vinylidene fluoride

PVDF resin main is refers to partial fluoride vinyl are poly real or partial fluoride vinyl and other few containing fluoride vinyl base monomer of copolymer real, PVDF resin both fluoride resin and general resin of characteristics, except has good of resistance chemical corrosion sex, and resistance high temperature sex, and resistance oxidation sex, and resistance waiting sex, and resistance ray radiation performance outside, also has pressure electric sex, and between electric sex, and thermoelectric sex, special performance, is currently containing fluoride plastic in the production ranked second bit of big products, global annual can over 43,000 tons. PVDF applications mainly in petrochemicals, electrical and electronic fluorocarbon paint three main areas, as PVDF good chemical resistance, processability and fatigue and creep properties, petrochemical equipment fluid handling system as a whole, or lining of pumps, valves, piping, pipe fittings, tanks and heat exchangers-one of the best materials. Its good chemical stability, electrical insulation properties, making equipment can meet the TOCS and flame-retardant requirements, are widely used in the semiconductor industry high pure chemical storage and transportation, using PVDF resin production of porous membranes, gels, diaphragm, and application in lithium-ion secondary battery, which uses a PVDF demand one of the fastest-growing markets. One of the main raw material is PVDF fluorocarbon coating, for preparation of fluorocarbon coatings have been developed to the sixth generation, due to PVDF resins have superior weatherability, long-term use in the open air, without maintenance, this type of coating is widely used in power stations, airports, highways, high-rise buildings, and so on. In addition PVDF resin can also be blended with other resin modified, such as PVDF and ABS resin blends are composites, are widely used in construction, automobile decoration, household appliances and other shell.