"Along The Way", Building And Bring Significant Economic Opportunities

1. to build complex new opportunities for foreign economic relations. "Along the way" countries along most of emerging economies and developing countries, the General is on the rise in economic development, population and economic output, respectively 63% and 29% of the world, the existing scale of development and future potential is considerable. "Along the way"-building, economic exchanges between China and countries along not only reflected in foreign trade, foreign investment, and trade and investment further transactions from many areas of cooperation and to build. "Along the way" composite foreign building will provide our country with unprecedented economic development.
2. new opportunities for industrial development and restructuring and upgrading. "Along the way" building of the huge demand, investment, and economic cooperation, the domestic industry will have a significant and far-reaching impact on the development, embodied in the "amount" and "quality" aspects, in the "quantity" to expand the demand of domestic industries, and in "quality", and promote the transformation and upgrading of domestic industries.
3. new opportunities for internationalisation process. "Along the way" building will usher in the internationalization of RMB rare gold, accelerated the process of internationalization.