Breakthrough: Fluorine Chemical Industry Turn Key

Spanish-American information researcher Xu Shaohong said fluorine chemical industry in China is "big but not strong" situation over the past decade, fluorite exports remained high, while most of fluoro chemical product of excess capacity and export high proportions, has become another loss in a disguised form of fluorite resources. Chronically low profits and high pollution also makes the development of fluoro-Chem industry in China face a huge challenge. Since 2010, a series of on and HF from fluorspar production and export policies to a certain extent the fluorine chemical resources, accelerating fluorine chemical industry, but across the industry, problems faced by technical failures, a fluorine chemical industry as a whole. "The stone" into a "pot of gold", and exert the advantages of fluorite resources in China, fluorine chemical industry to make real gold industry, the key lies in various branches of industry chain technology and innovation.