Chemical Industry: Weak Demand Prompted Sulphuric Acid Prices

Investment advisor in chemical industry researcher Chang Yizhi stated that domestic sulphuric acid market downturn was mainly due to lower demand in the near future downturns. Fertilizer demand season right now, and the winter of phosphatic compound fertilizer is not active, this makes the phosphate fertilizer industry depressed the market, enterprises operating rate low for sulfuric acid raw materials procurement initiative is not high. Meanwhile, as the Spring Festival is approaching, most of the chemical company holiday, which will to some extent reduce the demand for sulphuric acid.
Chang Yizhi also pointed out that due to the large external dependence of China's sulfur resources, international sulphuric acid market prices also led to a certain extent domestic sulphuric acid prices downward. Since late December, international sulphuric acid prices continued on a decline. Currently Turkey CIF sulfate 125-130 USD/ton; Brazil 139-145 USD/ton; Northwest Europe 125-135 USD/ton; Tunisia 122-125 USD/ton.