Experts Suggest Low Carbon Development Of Coal Chemical Industry Route

Chemical science and Technology Institute of Tsinghua University, the Chinese Academy of engineering academician JIN Yong made coal poly-generation is to implement low-carbon measures. Coal complex structure but can be split and separation of high-value components of high-end, high-grade energy cascading utilization, high chemical activity of components used in order to achieve optimum utilization of coal resources, the best use of. Coal production to high value-added chemical products should give priority to develop coal chemical industry obliged to consider the added value of their products. Under the same conditions for CO2 emissions, increase the added value of products several times, means million GDP output value of CO2 emissions reduced by several times, this is a very important idea for reducing carbon intensity. Based on coal basis methanol compounds, through MTO, MTP technology, are ethylene, propylene and the production of rubber, plastic and other through MTA technology "benzene", and thereby the production of polyester, nylon 6, nylon 66.