Fluorine Chemical Industry Chain In China Overview

Fluorine chemical known as the prospect of "the gold industry", lidazhi from fluorine chemical industry chain structure based on the detailed interpretation of delegates present situation of the industry chain development, pointed out that many products in fluorine chemical industry chain in China's direction, and propose specific measures to promote products rational restructuring. In the report, lidazhi pointed out that China's large and small fluorine chemical industrial base or industrial parks have sprung up and build up, which greatly promoted the development of fluoro-Chem industry, prosperous China fluoro chemical product market. But the more serious environmental pollution in China, consuming fluoride resources more fluoride, low value-added Basic has developed rapidly, and high added value, high technological content and slow development of fluoride products. Correct understanding of fluorine chemical industry development, identify the problem, clear direction, and take effective measures to make fluorine chemical industry sustainable development in China.