Fluorine plastic raw material PTFE materials

PTFE Molding Powder Resin

PTFE Molding Powder Resin is designed for use in molding which is white granular PTFE resin, with excellent chemical stability, electrical property and low frictional coefficient.
Application: High performance rods, sheets and films, General-molding parts, Small parts, profiles.

Pelletized Free-flow PTFE Resin

Pelletized free-flow PTFE resin is a kind of white granular product. It has excellent fluidity, electrical properties, extremely chemical inertness and outstanding mechanical properties like low frictional coefficient..
Application: It can be used for processing complicated articles. It also can be used for processing big sheets by compression molding, equal compression molding, automatic compression molding and exact extrusion. Pelletized free-flow PTFE resin is propitious for automatic processing that can shorten processing period and decrease compression molding processing cost.

PTFE Presintered Resin

It is a white powder presintered PTFE resin, with good flowability, low frictional coefficient, good thermal stability and outstanding chemical inertness. Its melting point is 327.
Application: It is suitable for ram extrusion of pipes, rods and other PTFE products.

Fine Cut Granular Resin

PTFE fine cut granular molding resin is a kind of white granular product. It has excellent electrical properties, extremely chemical inertness, and outstanding mechanical properties like low frictional coefficient.
Application: It is used for processing varieties plates and rods .Such as general molding parts, filled products, skived films and sheets, high-performance molding products.

PTFE Fine Powder Resin

PTFE Fine Powder Resin is white fine powder which are agglomerated particles of dispersion PTFE resin, with extraordinary characteristics, such as excellent thermal stability, extremely chemical inertness, especially good electrical properties and low frictional coefficient, etc.
Application: It can be blended with organic solvent and suitable for paste extrusion by a process called as paste extrusion. It is widely used to produce small rods, tubes, cable insulations and unsintered tapes at low to medium reduction ratios.

PTFE Dispersion

It is milky or yellowish liquids and have a lot of superior properties such as good thermal stability, excellent chemical inertness, distinguished electrical insulating property and low friction coefficient. It can be processed by coating and impregnating.

PTFE Micropowder

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) micropowder is a white PTFE powder with very low molecular weight and very small particle size, and sometimes it is called as PTFE super-fine powder or PTFE wax. It is produced at the presence of a MW modulator, and the liquid dispersion obtained is followed with coagulation, washing and drying. The product has excellent properties such as thermal resistance, weather resistance, low temperature resistance, low frictional coefficient, low adhesiveness, chemical inertness and electrical insulation etc. With very good dispersiveness attributed to its very small particle size, It is readily to be mixed homogeneously with other materials.
Application: PTFE micropowder can be solely used as a dry lubricant, and it is also widely used as additive for plastics, elastomers, coatings, inks, lubricant oils and greases etc.
  A variety of typical processes, for example, blending, are suitable for the product to be mixed with plastics and elastomers. Used as additive, the regular content of PTFE micropowder.