Hydrogen Fluoride Industry Access Conditions

1. new HF production device, and new established fluoride chemical enterprise should meet local industry development planning and land using general planning, should has stable reliable of fluorite, resources guarantees, must into has environment capacity and security capacity, and has containing fluoride pollutants (including containing fluoride slag material, and liquid and gas, with) governance and resources of utilization facilities and dangerous chemicals storage, and transport facilities, vigorously development cycle economic of zone (including industry Park, and industry area, with).
2. in County and the above Government provides of landscape places district, and nature reserve, and drinking water reserves and other need special protection of regional within, city planning district border outside 2 km within, main river on both sides of, and highway, and railway, and waterway route sides, and the residents area and other prevent pollution of enterprise around 1 km within, national and the local government provides of environmental, and security protection distance within, ban new, and modified expansion HF production device.
3. meet the requirements above the border, but not in the existing HF production enterprises in the development zone, in addition to safety outside the environmental transformation may not be added production capacity of hydrogen fluoride to encourage these enterprises to stop production relocation of exit or to the development zone.
4. in addition to development and production of high-purity, clean the electronic industry-specific, such as hydrogen fluoride and hydrogen fluoride raw materials of producing their own, non-raw materials with hydrogen fluoride may not be new, expanded production facility.