Petrochemical Industries Published Responsible Care Declaration

Li Yongwu summarized achievements to promote industry-wide responsible care activities, and the deployment of the Petro-chemical industry responsible care of the next action plan. Is to strengthen guidance on responsible care, to further improve the Organization-building, through the establishment of responsible care Committee, strengthen leadership and guidance to the industry to promote responsible care. Second, innovative ways, actively exploring new ways of responsible care in line with China's national conditions. Third, continue to strengthen advocacy and outreach responsible care, pay special attention to the implementation of the guidelines for the implementation of responsible care and perfection. Four play a large petrochemical enterprise is exemplary leading role in responsible care, to make substantive contributions to promote the responsible care in the industry.
Wang Xiujun, Chief Engineer at the Ministry, said the Ministry will continue to support the Union of petrochemical industry to promote responsible care, including the development of responsible care implementation plans in line with China's national conditions, and set the model of typical.
Said Ge Ruipeng, Chairman of the International Federation of chemical industry association responsible care Committee, responsible care activities in the petrochemical industry, China is a great contribution to the global petrochemical industry. The next step, the International Federation of Association and China petrochemical industry association works closely together to responsible care activities to further.