PTFE(Polytetrafluoroethylene ) Is Around Us

Many people feel that PTFE is a kind of high engineered plastic and it is far away from us. Maybe it is still strange to some people because we can not see PTFE very often. Actually, PTFE is around us and you can see and use it everyday.


In the modern IT time, computer is widely used by many people. In order to increase the smoothness of mouse, we make PTFE into the foot of mouse. Yes, turn over the mouse and touch the foot now, you can feel the smoothness of PTFE products.


Another product that I have to introduce is non-stick pan. It is a necessity to a good cooker. The paint-coat of the pan is just PTFE. A few years ago, we were boring that we must took a lot time to clean the food stuck in the bottom of the pan. As non-stick pan appeared, our cooking life is changed, no bonding, no charring. We can cook very well and cleaning it become more convenient.

Surely, there are many more PTFE products in our daily life. The smooth and anti-aging performance of PTFE is well used in beverage industry, the most important thing is that it is no harm to our health. 

We must thank the PTFE founder Roy Plunkett, our life become better and better because of him.