Semi-finished PTFE products, PTFE tubes, PTFE sheets, PTFE films

Rayflon provides the following semi-finished Teflon PTFE products with high quality and competive price.

                                                                         PTFE Pipes (Tubes)

 PTFE Coil Pipe: 
It can be used as screening cables and protective cables of the jets on airplane, without effects of high temperature or dirty oil.
 PTFE heat shinkable pipe: 
This pipe has property of thermal shrinkage, and can tight fit to protective layer. It widely be used as dependable insulants and adhesion preventives.
 PTFE inner liner pipe for steel tube : 
This pipe has good rigidity and anti-corrosive property, can withstand impact
, shock and twist also. It is widely used to transport corrosive gas and liquid in chemical industry.


                                                                        PTFE Sheets
Main variety

Turning sheets and molding sheets. Max area of molding sheets is up to 1200×1200mm, max width of isopiestic molding is up to 2m.

PTFE molding sheet is made of suspension PTFE resin, It has excellent performance of anti-corrosion and ageing-resistant, can be long used below 180
250, low coefficient of friction.


              PTFE Films
Main variety
turning film, oriented film, self- oriented film, colorful self- oriented film, There are 13 kinds of colors for colorful films, max width is up to 600mm.
Application: Insulating material of condenser, Insulating barrier of special cables , Insulation of Electric instrument, non-stick strap and so on.