Transformation And Upgrading Of The Industry Out Of The Fluorine Chemical "recipes"

Fluorine-Silicon organic materials industry association, China told reporters Ge Fangming, fluoro-Chem industry in our country to achieve the transition from resource-dependent to innovation-driven, copying, copying and duplication must be stopped, and serialization of products, differentiated, high quality, specialization direction. At the same time improve the quality of existing products and develop new products with high added value, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the fluorine chemical industry.
In the context of the current economic transformation of fluorine chemical products for many new applications are emerging, fluorine chemical products and become a new growth point. CAS Shanghai organic chemistry Institute researcher Wu Yongming told reporter, new energy, and materials, and energy-saving environmental, and electronic information, and high-end medicine, and pesticide, and textile, field are need increasingly more of containing fluoride fine chemicals, as solar back board material, and lithium battery diaphragm, and fuel battery film, and full vanadium liquid flow battery diaphragm, and containing fluoride anesthetic, and containing fluoride LCD material, and large generator group containing fluoride cooling media, and containing fluoride fabric finishing agent,. Part of the scarcity of products with high added value, profit margins of up to 50% per cent. Develop such products can promote the fluorine chemical industry adjustment of product structure, to achieve industrial upgrading.