Teflon PTFE Vessels For Microwave Digestion

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To ensure this high level of safety and due to the corrosive nature of acids and the high pressures and temperatures attained in microwave digestion, the material used to manufacture the containment vessels must exhibit certain characteristics:

  • Resistance to aggressive acids

  • Able to withstand temperatures ranging up to 260oC

  • Excellent insulation capacity (dielectric properties)

  • A high degree of hydrophobicity (water repellence)

  • No memory effects of the digested material in the vessel walls.

To achieve the high integrity required in containment vessels for microwave digestion, it has been usual to use a synthetic material called PTFE, better known as Teflon. A second generation material known as TFMTMPTFE is suitable for making microwave digestion vessels. 

The modified features of TFMTMPTFE mean that microwave digestion can take place at higher temperatures and pressures than vessels made of PTFE and in a much safer environment.


Microwave digestion vessel materials include PTFE,TFM®-PTFE, PFA (cap) which meet the combined requirements of acid, heat and pressure resistance. 

PTFE,TFM® melting point:320-340℃

Maximum practical using temperature:260℃.

PFA melting point: appox.308℃.Maximum practical using temperature is 10-20℃ lower than PTFE,TFM®.
TFM® is modified PTFE, in addition to all the advantages of PTFE, has some better improvements like smaller deformation under high temperature and high pressure, smaller permeability, higher surface finish.
Due to these comprehensive properties, PTFE/PFA is suitable for middle and lower pressure digestion vessels.
TFM® is suitable for high pressure digestion vessels. 

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