PTFE Wear Rings

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Product Details

This PTFE wear ring is used in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders to prevent metal contact between movable parts.
It has good compressing strength, excellent hardness, heat distortion and good self-lubrication abrasion. The wear ring is used with U-seal to bear larger pressure.

Single turn(scarf cut),multi-turn(spiral cut)and solid(uncut).

Technical data:

Velocity: ≤15m/s
Temperature:-60 ℃~+200 ℃
Surface supporting pressure:15N/mm2

Material range:
Include virgin& all filled grades PTFE and others from world famous brand Dupont, Daikin, 3M, 3F, etc.

Virgin PTFE

100% PTFE

Filled PTFE

Filler Type

Inorganic filler

Glass fiber, Graphite, Bronze, Carbon fiber, MoS2

Organic filler

Polyimide, Aromatic Polyester, Polypheylene Sulfide

Depending on applications, PTFE can be mixed with fillers to meet the requirements of application in order to provide the optimum sealing properties.

Excellent resistance to corrosion and chemical products
Wide temperature using range (up to 250℃)
Low coefficient of friction
Self lubrication
Improved wear resistance

1. Low cost

 --- Land/HR/Material

2. Professional

      ---15 years experience

3. Efficient

      ---Advanced production equipment and strict management

4. Control

      ---ISO9001&TS16949, FDA, ROHS, REACH reports

5. OEM accepted

      --- JUST provide drawing or samples

6. Fast and cheap delivery

      ---We have big discount from forwarder (Long contract)

Samples charge:

      ---Depending on your request, sampling time:3-7days

      ---Free for existing sample, sampling time:1day

Material sources: All our raw materials come from world famous brands as below:


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