PTFE(Teflon) flat round washers

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Product Details

PTFE Gaskets, PTFE washers
1) Made of Virgin Teflon
2) Color: White, colorful
4) Density: 2.15 - 2.20g/cm3
5) Temperature: -180 - 260 degree celsius
6) Tensile strength: >15Mpa
7) Elongation at break: 200%
8) Voltage at beak down: >10KV/mm
9) Dimension: According to client's requirement

Applications for PTFE:
PTFE is excellent for low friction bearings, bushes, rollers and pulleys. PTFE is also almost exclusively used in cryogenic components due to its ultra low operating temperatures. PTFE Rod is regularly used for seals. PTFE Rod has become a very important engineering plastic used within the aerospace industry and aeronautics. PTFE is often used within the food industry companies. Another useful application over the years has been in the use of product or component handles due to its resistance to heat and heat transfer. When an application for electrical resistance becomes too high for other materials, PTFE Rod can fill a very important gap.

Main Features and Advantages:
Filled PTFE gaskets, are compounded by special-purposed materials of particular characters. It has outstanding compression, recovery and sealing performance. Its sealing and torque-keeping performance overcomes the shortcomings of traditional PTFE on the creep feature of cold flow and material. Besides, it can keep bolt load better than traditional PTFE, which not only improves long-term sealing, but also reduces flanges maintenance. Graphite filled PTFE gasket has the advantages of low fabrication factor, good compression strength and high wear resistance, so it is more widely used than traditional PTFE. Thus, it improves environment and saves cost. It is suitable for chemical industry, hydrocarbon reaction and power plant.

Sizes and Specifications can be customized according to customer's drawing or requirements.


1. Low cost

 --- Land/HR/Material

2. Professional

      ---15 years experience

3. Efficient

      ---Advanced production equipment and strict management

4. Control

      ---ISO9001&TS16949, FDA, ROHS, REACH reports

5. OEM accepted

      --- JUST provide drawing or samples

6. Fast and cheap delivery

      ---We have big discount from forwarder (Long contract)

Samples charge:

      ---Depending on your request, sampling time:3-7days

      ---Free for existing sample, sampling time:1day

Material sources: All our raw materials come from world famous brands as below: