PTFE Tubes

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Rayflon provides a range of compression molded &ram extruded PTFE tubes.
PTFE molded tubes are made from virgin PTFE and filled PTFE(PTFE compounds). Tube fillers include glass fiber, carbon, bronze, graphite, MOS2. All materials used are from famous brands Dupont, Daikin, 3M, 3F,Dongyue,etc and fully tested.
PTFE pushed/extruded tubing has excellent chemical corrosion resistance and dielectric property, no aging and bonding, and can be used under no-load condition at the temperature from -180oC-+260oC. It has the lowest friction coefficient in all solid materials.

Main technical index:
Apparent density: 2.10--2.20 g/cm3,
Tensile strength: ≥18MPa,
Breakage elongation: ≥230%.

For molded tubes: outer diameter size from 25mm up to 1200mm, length from 100mm to 300mm.
For pushed tubing: outer diameter 1-25mm, wall thickness 0.1-2.5mm, and length can be processed according to requirements.
For extruded tubes: outer diameter 25-200mm, wall thickness 1.5-8.0mm, and length can be processed according to requirements.

PTFE molded tubes can be machined to a variety of non-standard components or used as non-stick materials at temperature of -180oC-+260oC. 
PTFE pushed/extruded tube is mainly used for wires under any frequency, cables, sheath, electrical parts, optical fiber tubes, medical tubes etc.

Smooth surface, no crack, non-stick
Wide temperature using range
Chemical and corrosion resistance
Low coefficient of friction
Other basic shape molded PTFE like PTFE rods, blocks and plates also can be provided. 


1. Low cost

 --- Land/HR/Material

2. Professional

      ---15 years experience

3. Efficient

      ---Advanced production equipment and strict management

4. Control

      ---ISO9001&TS16949, FDA, ROHS, REACH reports

5. OEM accepted

      --- JUST provide drawing or samples

6. Fast and cheap delivery

      ---We have big discount from forwarder (Long contract)

Samples charge:

      ---Depending on your request, sampling time:3-7days

      ---Free for existing sample, sampling time:1day

Material sources: All our raw materials come from world famous brands as below: